Struct EXRHeader


#include <tinyexr.h>

typedef struct _EXRHeader


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Lines 187-228 in tinyexr.h.

typedef struct _EXRHeader {
  float pixel_aspect_ratio;
  int line_order;
  int data_window[4];
  int display_window[4];
  float screen_window_center[2];
  float screen_window_width;

  int chunk_count;

  // Properties for tiled format(`tiledesc`).
  int tiled;
  int tile_size_x;
  int tile_size_y;
  int tile_level_mode;
  int tile_rounding_mode;

  int long_name;
  int non_image;
  int multipart;
  unsigned int header_len;

  // Custom attributes(exludes required attributes(e.g. `channels`,
  // `compression`, etc)
  int num_custom_attributes;
  EXRAttribute *custom_attributes;  // array of EXRAttribute. size =
                                    // `num_custom_attributes`.

  EXRChannelInfo *channels;  // [num_channels]

  int *pixel_types;  // Loaded pixel type(TINYEXR_PIXELTYPE_*) of `images` for
  // each channel. This is overwritten with `requested_pixel_types` when
  // loading.
  int num_channels;

  int compression_type;        // compression type(TINYEXR_COMPRESSIONTYPE_*)
  int *requested_pixel_types;  // Filled initially by
                               // ParseEXRHeaderFrom(Meomory|File), then users
                               // can edit it(only valid for HALF pixel type
                               // channel)

} EXRHeader;

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