Function SaveEXR


#include <tinyexr.h>

int SaveEXR(const float *data, const int width, const int height, const int components, const int save_as_fp16, const char *filename, const char **err)


{ to be removed. } Saves single-frame OpenEXR image. Assume EXR image contains RGB(A) channels. components must be 1(Grayscale), 3(RGB) or 4(RGBA). Input image format is: float x width x height, or float x RGB(A) x width x hight Save image as fp16(HALF) format when save_as_fp16 is positive non-zero value. Save image as fp32(FLOAT) format when save_as_fp16 is 0. Use ZIP compression by default. Returns negative value and may set error string in err when there's an error

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Line 294 in tinyexr.h.

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